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Qualair Duct Cleaning Services

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Pine Ridge Air Duct Cleaning Inc

818 Charles St, Eastlake, OH, 44095
Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services

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For your air duct cleaning we provide free estimate!

  • Have you been cleaning in your house or workplace more frequently?
  • Are there recent complaints about allergies or breathing problems in your area?
  • Is there gives out weird smells as you switch on your A/C?
  • Are there any build up of dust on the vent grills?
  • Are your grills in black marks and stripes?
If you have found yourself saying “Yes” to any one of these questions, then the problem is that you’re duct in your commercial or residential place are currently out of shape. When this arise, a good cleaning of the ducts is necessary.
The good news is, there's nothing you have to do about it! The Air Duct Cleaning Service will clean the air duct and the vent to you. Leave the dirty work to us. Because our unquestioned cleanings maintain your home or workplace clean, you'll be very good at work.

You will get these when you hire us to cleanse your ducts:

  • The best air duct cleaning service you have ever laid your eyes on.
  • Lower energy costs – You’ll see a decrease in your energy bill each month.
  • Better air flow – Your A/C and heat will run smoother and harder, making it easier to stay comfortable in your home.
  • Services that are insured.
  • Same day services for quick results.
  • A free on-site estimate.
  • A wide range of cleaning systems for you to choose from.
  • Friendly technical support & customer services, even after the sale/installation
Duct Cleaning in most households or offices is one of the most neglected tasks. Until the last minute, most people have disregard this. If you would ask people when they were cleaning their air ducts and vents the last time, most of them might not even remember when they had it done.
The average home will accumulate nearly 40 pounds of dust each year according the EPA. This's horrible!!! It's just a residential area that we're thinking about here in Eastlake. How much if we are to talk about a business space?!
All this dust can lead to serious problems, such as difficulty in breathing, allergic reactions, and sinusitis.
You have to clean the ducts every two or three years to keep the air in your home or office.

The cleaning services we provide can include:

  • Whole house indoor air cleaners
  • Same day services and very quick response time
  • Highly competitive prices for our services
  • Free consultation
  • Negative pressure plus brush cleaning
  • Professional strength Fresh Duct odor eliminator

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